Almonds are often considered as just a garnish, but as a flavour in their own right they are both sweet, nutty and greatly complemented by sharper fruits in eliquid such as cherry. While it’s rarely seen on its own, this nut flavour has sweet and savoury notes throughout for a richer vape. Both new and experienced vapers enjoy the taste of almond as it’s available in both High VG and High PG e juices.

Almond can be found in rich dessert blends as a topping, as a counterpoint to fruity eliquids and on some occasions as part of special RY4 tobacco flavours. Possessing very few sweeteners, almond is especially kind to vape coils helping you get the most out of your vape hardware; whether you’re using sub ohm coils or mouth to lung vape coils. We advise that at high wattages this nut will begin to take on a toasted quality and when paired with spices such as cinnamon, it sweetens dessert blends. Lower wattage vaping allows for an almost creamy texture to become present, perfect for when paired with tobacco e liquids.

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