Aniseed and liquorice flavours take their inspiration from the roots of the same name. Characterised by a bold and sweet flavour liquorice has remained popular for centuries. In eliquid it often has a floral note and a sugary aftertaste; this makes it perfect as a partner to candy flavours along with winter and summer fruits. It’s distinct flavour means it often features as an e juice in it’s own right.

Due to its popularity, aniseed flavours can be found in both High VG and High PG eliquids, making it accessible to those who use both vape starter kits and more advanced devices. For those who prefer a cooler tasting blend you can find liquorice paired with menthol and for those who prefer something a bit sharper be on the lookout for pairings with citrus fruits. High wattage vaping brings out the sugary notes of this flavour, whereas mouth to lung or low wattage vaping emphasises the smoother notes.

When it comes to your vape coils, some aniseed flavours have a tendency to burn them out faster; if this is the case we recommend you vape at a lower wattage, or try a higher PG version of your liquid where possible.

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