Apple Pie Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Apple Pie is a classic dessert enjoyed throughout the world from America to Europe, a combination of sweet fruit and buttery pastry creates a dessert that has remained popular through the years. No surprise then that so many have tried to replicate it in the form of eliquid. Apple pie eliquid flavours are sweet and smooth, with underlying rich notes. As it’s already such a layered and complex flavour, apple pie often appears on its own in eliquids; but works well combined with ice cream and other sweet notes.

If you’re worried it might be too rich for your taste, try a version with cream or other fruits added to soften the taste. Those who prefer a sweeter vape will be delighted to know that variations with cinnamon and powdered sugar are available to order. Apple pie vape liquids are available featuring high PG and high VG mixes; making this flavour compatible with a range of vape devices and coil types. Those vaping at higher wattages will really taste the pastry notes with an almost glazed flavour appearing, lower wattage vaping emphasises the sharp and crisp notes of the apple.

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