Banana Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Banana, is a tropical fruit that has been exported for decades and has become popular across the world. What makes the banana so popular is how versatile it is, it can be cooked, baked and eaten raw. Keen to capitalise on demand, eliquid manufacturers have been producing banana eliquids for years the sweet and ripe notes make it ideal as a base flavour and is often found alongside cream, and other fruits intensifying it’s already sweet taste. Eliquids labelled as tutti frutti will also have banana in them, for a sugary candy taste.

When banana is vaped you’ll experience slightly different tastes depending on whether it’s vaped at high wattages, in which case a sweet and almost glazed flavour is most prominent; or when vaped at lower wattages you’ll experience an almost savoury note. Banana is available in both High VG blends and High PG blends, making it a flavour suitable for vape starter kits and larger sub ohm devices. smooth banana milkshakes behave better at higher wattages, the same is true for custard and cream versions; whereas exotic fruit blends react better to lower wattages so you can distinguish the different fruity notes.

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