Blueberry Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

The Blueberry can be found across north America, Europe and Asia; it has become a staple berry and it’s natural sweetness has led to it being exported around the world. While it may start off sweet, a sharp flavour is often present in blueberries, this is also true of eliquids carrying the flavour to create an authentic taste. Balanced enough to feature on it’s own, blueberry is often a flavour that many try when they start vaping. As time goes on more and more complex blends feature it to create new dessert, pastry and fruit e liquids.

Designed for both larger vape devices and smaller plus ohm vape kits, blueberry eliquids can be found in 50% VG blends all the way up to the thicker 80% VG mixes. A versatile fruit, the sweet and tart notes mean it can be paired with menthol for a very smooth vape, or as a topping for rich pancake and dessert blends. The taste can change when vaped at different wattages and temperatures. Higher temperature tend to bring out the tart notes, whereas lower ones keep things sweet.

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