Cake Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Cake is an extremely popular flavour with vapers, this versatile sweet flavour will be found mixed with everything from coffees and nuts to caramels and creams, due to the light vanilla flavour not overpowering anything but still being strong enough to enjoy on its own.

Cake is a dessert linked with celebration, from weddings to graduations you’ll more than likely find a cake; soft, warm and sweet are all accurate descriptions of this flavour. It’s generally used as an umbrella term to describe a dessert that uses sugar eggs, butter and a rising agent. From there you can add anything you like – this is definitely the case with eliquids. Perhaps one of the most versatile flavours available, mixologists pair cake with fruit, custards and nuts for a rich vape.

Due to their popularity, variations can be found in both high PG and high VG blends; It’s also very kind to vape coils, meaning yours will last longer. With everything from exotic red velvet cupcakes to the simpler vanilla sponge cake available, you’ll find something to get stuck into. Higher wattage / sub ohm vaping brings out the butter notes and creates a very sweet taste. Lower wattages emphasise the soft and fluffy notes of this dessert.

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