Caramel Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Caramel is created through the process of superheating different types of sugar which creates a sweet and golden mixture. Often seen in the form of caramel sauce, by adding cream to the mix you get a thick and smooth liquid that is just as as sweet. As in traditional cooking, caramel flavours in liquids serve the purpose of sweetening and softening fruits, pastries and cakes, helping to add a depth of flavour. A light and velvety texture allows caramel to be paired with fruits such as green apple for a play between sweet and sour, or to add a rich layer to pancakes, and tobacco.

Caramel eliquids can be found in higher VG blends as well as high PG eliquids, making them ideal for use in smaller devices as well as sub ohm kits. While very sweet, these blends are kinder to vape coils and will help them to last longer. Caramel behaves differently when vaped at different wattages. Higher wattages tend to bring out the golden notes for a smoother vape; low wattage vaping increases the sweetness of the blend for a lighter taste all round.

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