Cereals are edible grains that have a robust and savoury taste, one of the more common types of crop in the world, cereal is enjoyed across Europe, America and Asia. When it comes to vaping you’ll often find sweetened varieties of cereal widely available, they provide a solid base note and when used properly act as a springboard for more adventurous flavours, such as fruit candy and cream. While there are savoury options available they are usually confined to tobacco blends and specialist eliquids.

Due to their lack of added sweeteners, cereal flavours are easy on your coils, creating a smooth vape without reducing coil lifespan. For those who prefer a sweeter vape be on the lookout for eliquids that mimic popular American cereals, they’re often partnered with heavy creams and fresh tasting fruits. Those who enjoy something a bit smoother should try a blend with less fruit and more of a focus on yogurts, milk and marshmallows. When vaped at higher wattages cereals have a golden quality thanks to the taste of grains; whereas lower wattage vaping tends to emphasise its sweetness.

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