Cheesecake Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

While the origin of the cheesecake may be debated it remains a well-known and loved dessert. With varieties springing up in Asia, America, Europe and Australia. A combination of savoury and sweet creates a well-balanced dessert that features a ricotta or cream cheese atop a biscuit base, topped off with fruits and nuts. Due to the multiple ingredients in this dessert, different varieties are available in the form of eliquid that include tangy citrus blends, as well the more common American style that features summer fruits such as strawberry.

Rich and heavy, some vapers find this flavour a bit oppressive, in this case we’d recommend a version that features a sharp fruit pairing such as blueberry. For those who enjoy smooth blends try a version topped off with heavy cream. Working best when part of a higher VG eliquid, when vaped at higher wattages you’ll experience a creamier taste throughout; whereas low wattage vaping allows you to taste the crunchy depth of the biscuit.

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