Cherry is a stone fruit that’s grown across the world in both warm and temperate climates. Different breeds of this fruit create a different flavour. The darker cherry has a slight sour note to it, while red cherries have a more noticeable sweet taste. In cooking and baking you’ll often find glacier cherries which are perhaps the sweetest of all. When it comes to eliquid the cherries you’ll taste are often very sweet to the point where they border on tart. Due to the balance of flavour it is not unusual to see them featured on their own. That being said they also pair well with winter and summer fruits. Those enjoy a cool and smooth vape should be on the lookout for the ever-popular cherry menthol blend.

The popularity of the flavour has meant that we’ve seen a growth in eliquids containing them. Available in both high PG and high VG varieties, you’ll be able to find one whether you vape with a large sub ohm device or one of the smaller starter kits. When vaped at higher temperatures the sweetness of the cherry begins to act like a glaze, whereas lower wattages emphasise the juicy notes.

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