Cinnamon is a spice extracted from the tree of the same name, enjoyed traditionally as sweetener for wine and food by the romans and as an accompaniment to tea in asia, cinnamon is purchased worldwide. Best described as aromatic, cinnamon has a distinctive smell and an overall sweet taste. While strong-tasting it best acts as an accompaniment to other flavours, for example sprinkled over apple pie for a sweet kick or added to your coffee for a rich finish. The same is true in eliquids where cinnamon can be found paired with fruit, dessert and tobacco flavours to add more depth.

For those who find the idea of a heavy cinnamon laced dessert flavour a bit too rich why not try one of the varieties that feature a sharp summer fruit, such as apple. For those who enjoy their complex layered tobacco blends be on the lookout for those that contain cinnamon for a sweet kick to the traditional ry4 blend. Found in both high VG and high PG ratios of eliquid this spice can be used in a range of vape devices. When vaped at higher wattages the sweetness is really noticeable, whereas at lower temperatures a spicy note is detectable.

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