Coconut Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Despite the common misconception coconut is not in fact a nut, but rather a stone fruit. This tropical fruit is eaten raw and used in cooking. In baking you’ll sometimes find the dessicated coconut which has been sweetened to create a rich garnish. The coconut flavour you’ll find in vaping is similar to that of its milk which is smooth and sweet on inhale but retains sharp notes. Because of this balance of taste you’ll find that it can be paired with a number of flavours, predominantly it’s part of tropical fruit blends, however desserts and pastries often feature it to add a rich note.

Those looking for a smoother taste would be wise to try one of the many dessert themed blends available which often used dessicated coconut or coconut cream to soften and accentuate rich notes. A tart blend of tropical fruits can be balanced by the smoother notes of coconut and the same is true for bold tobacco flavours.

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