Cola Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Cola gets its name from the combination of coca leaves and kola nut that were originally blended to create this popular beverage. The recipe has changed over the years and coca leaf is no longer part of the mix. However, this sugary treat has a mass appeal after it’s invention in America in the early 20th century. Cola is best described as a combination of sweet and sour flavours topped off with a tangy fizz.

Often seen in eliquids, cola has varieties available in both high VG and high PG concentrations, so whether you’re using the smaller pod devices or large sub ohm vape kits, you’re sure to find a blend. While it has a robust and immediately recognisable flavour, cola can be partnered with other flavours for a far more intense taste. You’ll often see it combined with summer fruits and for those who enjoy something a bit smoother in their vape tank – be on the lookout for blends that include ice and mint for a real summertime vape. High wattage vaping has a tendency to create a sugary glazed flavour, whereas lower wattages tend to enhance the fizzy notes of the cola.

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