Cookies are similar to biscuits, in that they have an almost identical recipe, the difference being that cookies are an American sweet biscuit, you’re unlikely to find any of the savoury notes that you’d associate with other baked snacks. That being said much like it’s English counterpart, the cookie acts as a strong base for other flavours, thanks to its rich buttery taste it can help to enhance fruit, dessert, cream and tobacco flavours.

Perfect for the vaper with a sweet tooth, those who enjoy a sugary liquid should check out version that are combined with custard and vanilla creams, whereas those who like a lighter vape, should try a summer fruit and biscuit combo. Either way thanks to the plethora of E Liquids available, we’re sure you’ll find something to sink your teeth into. When vaped using a high wattage device, you’ll find that cookies take on a much smoother taste; whereas lower wattage vaping tends to bring out the sweet notes. Kind on your coils, cookie flavours can be used with both sub ohm and pus ohm coils.

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