Custard Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Custard is a dessert topping made from eggs, milk and sugar – it’s exact origins are unknown but believed to be European. The french have named it Creme Anglaise as a tip of the hat to the English but versions of this sweet and smooth mixture exist almost worldwide. Due to its popularity it has a strong presence in the world of vaping and many eliquid mixologists have spent years trying to perfect the taste.

Strong enough to feature on it’s own, the rich and smooth notes also complement a range of dessert, tobacco, fruit and pastries for a layered vape. Due to the depth of flavour custard is best enjoyed as part of a high VG blend, however, those that employ the use of smaller vape devices will be delighted to know that versions exist in higher PG blends. If you find yourself steering away from richer e liquids you should try a version paired with ripe tasting summer fruits such as strawberry, or citrus fruits such as lemon. For those who like a tank full of rich and creamy flavour, you’ll feel spoilt for choice. Remember, high wattage vaping will emphasise the sweeter notes, whereas turning your device to a lower wattage will bring out the creamy base.

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