Donut Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

The donut or doughnut is traditionally a ring of fried dough with a powdered sugar or sugar glaze coating. Best served hot they’re enjoyed for breakfast, dessert and as a snack. Variations exist across Europe, America and Asia – the simplicity of it’s cooking process and wide availability of it’s ingredients mean that it can be made across the globe. Due to its popularity, it’s little wonder that it has become such a staple flavour in eliquids. Donut flavoured eliquid is sweet with slight savoury notes for a balanced vape, it can be enjoyed on it’s own, that being said mixologists are more than happy to create versions blended with fruit, cream, custard, ice cream and even more – the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Vapers of all levels are in a position to try this rich pastry as ejuices featuring doughnuts are available in both high VG and high PG versions. For a smooth and rich vape try it mixed with custard or as part of a layered dessert medley. For those who prefer something a bit sweeter, look for varieties that use fruit fillings. High wattage vaping has a tendency to emphasise the sugary notes of this dessert, whereas when vaped at a lower wattage you’ll be able to taste the pastry notes more clearly.

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