Eucalyptus Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

The eucalyptus plant is part of the succulent family, much like the cactus it has a mild sweetness to it and a crisp note. Used as part of traditional medicine and cooking it also has a cooling effect.

When it comes to e liquid, eucalyptus is becoming more common and works well with fruit and menthol blends. It serves to soften the stong sweetness and tart notes of more exotic fruits; as well as intensify the coolness of a menthol e liquid. We recommend eucalyptus to vapers who prefer a crisper and light blend, compared to the richer flavours seen in heavy desserts. Best suited as part of a higher VG blend, high wattage sub ohm vaping helps to accentuate the juicy notes, whereas turning your device down to a lower wattage will emphasise the cooling notes further. Higher PG ejuices are becoming more readily available, so new vapers can experience the cooling exotic taste of eucalyptus for themselves.

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