Soda is the result of carbonating water and the process was first stumbled upon in the 1700s. The result is a crisp tasting beverage with a noticeable tang. Now enjoyed across the globe on its own, soda is best known as accompaniment to cocktails and is mixed with other flavours to create soft drinks. Everything from cola to ginger ale contains soda. When it comes to vaping however we tend to reference the fizzy carbonated water variety.

Due to it’s versatility and mix of sweet and tangy notes, you’ll find soda paired almost exclusively with fruit, or menthol for a cool twist. Growing in popularity you’ll find it in both high VG and high PG blends so it can be vaped using a range of tanks and vape devices; it’s also kind on your coils helping them last longer. Those who prefer a sharper taste to their e liquids should be on the lookout for soda paired with citrus fruits such as lemon and lime. Whereas those looking for an authentic fruit soda will find blends containing grape, apple and other summer fruits more appealing.

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