Hazelnut Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Hazelnuts are grown on the tree of the same name, the small rounded nuts were burnt and then eaten, enjoyed for their combination of sweet and rich notes – evidence of this process was discovered in Scotland, with shells and nuts over 9000 years old being found. Fast forward to today and you’ll find that hazelnuts are often used as an accompaniment to chocolate, used to make pralines and chocolate spreads, the sweet, nutty notes are also added to coffee, pastries and desserts.

When it comes to vaping you’ll rarely find hazelnut on it’s own, again much like in cooking it is added to chocolate, pastries and coffees adding rich and smooth notes for a layered taste. You can also find it added to tobacco blends creating a more exotic version of the classic RY4 flavour. Kind on your coils it works with both sub ohm and plus ohm coils. Available in high VG and high PG blends it can be used with a range of vape devices and kits. High wattage vaping will bring out the overall sweetness of the nut, whereas lower wattages will emphasise the smooth and almost creamy notes.

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