Ice Slush Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

A truly nostalgic taste, it brings back memories of food courts and sugar highs, slushie flavours in eliquid combine a layered icy taste with bold sweet notes. Ice is all well and good on its own but it works even better with fruit, the fruit slushie is a popular summer vape flavour, to keep you cool on those long days and nights.

It’s not uncommon to see ice and slushie flavours paired with all sorts of fruit, from the common blackcurrant all the way to the exotic mango. No need to worry about brain freeze, ice ejuice creates a smooth texture when it’s vaped and intensifies sweet and sour flavours equally.

A staple flavour in eliquids since the beginning, unlike menthol notes there’s no floral edge to the slushie – in effect it works as a blank canvas for bolder flavours, not only fruit e liquid flavours but also beverage flavours, check out cola slush and grape soda with ice for a blend that’s cool and sweet in equal measure.

Depending on what you pair it with slushie works well as part of a high VG or high PG eliquid, making it an option for vapers of all levels. When vaped at higher wattages you’ll taste the sweet notes and an intense coldness, lower wattage vaping brings out the softer notes for a smooth taste that suits those who are newer to vaping.

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