Lemon Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Lemons are a small citrus fruit indigenous to Europe and other continents, its bright yellow skin and shape make it easily recognisable. A sharp tasting fruit, lemons are not generally eaten whole, however their juice, zest and fruit have been used as a part of preparing food and drink for centuries. The sharp taste of lemon is often sweetened and then turned into candy or the juice is added to rich foods to add a tart note.

When it comes to vaping you’ll find that lemon is an incredibly popular flavour owing to its sour and distinctive taste. Rarely seen on it’s own it features in a range of blends. You’ll find it most prominently combined with menthol to create an e liquid that’s a balance of sharp and smooth. It’s also used with tropical fruits helping to create a counterpoint to their sweet and juicy notes. Whatever your taste you’re in luck, lemon e liquids are available in both high Vg and high PG blends, meaning whether you use a larger sub ohm vape device or a small vape starter kit you’ll find one perfect for you.

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