Lemonade is traditionally a combination of lemons, sugar and carbonated water; when made fresh it has a sweet and zesty taste enjoyed on hot days. The earliest evidence points to a version of lemonade invented by the Egyptians, where it was served with dates. Fast forward to today and you’ll find varieties of the drink across most countries. In America and the UK, cloudy lemonade uses the juice of the lemon and still water, but fizzy lemonade is perhaps still the most popular.

Its fresh and sharp notes make it a popular base note for eliquids, with a distinctive enough smell and taste for it to appear on its own, you’ll also find it blended with exotic fruits and menthol for a sweeter or cooler taste. It’s popularity has lead to versions becoming available in both high VG and high PG eliquids, meaning it can be used with either small pod kits and starter devices, as well as larger vape mods that create big clouds. Due to the complexity of the blend different wattages will highlight certain taste notes, for example high wattage vaping emphasises the sharp citrus notes, whereas a lower wattage allows the sugar to come into play.

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