Limeade Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Limeade is best described as lemonade’s sharper cousin, this blended beverage combines sweetened lime juice mixed with still or sparkling water. The combination of lime and sugar allows for a mix of both sweet and bitter notes for a more balanced taste. An all round refreshing taste is intensified by a sharp kick of citrus for a tart finish.

Due to the popularity of citrus flavours, it’s no wonder limeade e liquids have grown in popularity. Mimicking the real thing these blends combine sweet and tart notes with a fruity base, not only does it appear on its own, you’ll find it combined with citrus fruits such as lime and tropical fruits like pineapple. These fruits enhance its sweetness and create a mouth watering exhale. If you prefer something cooler try a blend mixed with menthol or ice for a smoother vape. If you use smaller vape devices or mouth to lung setups, then we’d recommend a limeade eliquid that has a lower VG content; whereas larger devices will benefit from a higher VG content eliquid.

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