Melon Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Melon is a sweet, fleshy fruit. Its closest relatives are squashes and cucumbers. Melons originate from Africa and southwestern parts of Asia. The all-round sweetness and ripe tasting notes make it a popular choice.

This summer fruit has a sweet taste throughout and provides e-liquids with a solid base flavour and a tart note. It’s not uncommon to see Melon paired with other fruits in the melon family, including honeydew melon, cantaloupe melon, watermelon and the tropical rock melon. When vaped at high wattages, the sweetness of this fruit is undercut by a creamy taste and sweet but mellow notes. Because of it sweetness melon flavourings work well with a higher VG liquid; when teamed up with a sub ohm vape kit you’ll be able to appreciate its fruity flavours. Low wattage vaping brings out its true refreshing taste giving a nice balance between sweet and tart.

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