Nut Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Nuts are composed of an inedible hardshell and an edible seed. Varieties of nuts can be found around the globe, with a range of tastes that range from sweet to savoury and rich to light. In cooking they’re used to create a layered flavour or as a counterpoint to sweet desserts.

There’s a wide range of nutty e-juice flavours to choose from, some combining an authentic classic tobacco flavour with undertones of toasted nuts; while others are blended with dessert flavours such as caramel, cream and biscuits keeping the exhale mellow and smooth. Due to nut’s versatile flavour you can find it in eliquids with a lower or higher VG level, meaning it can be used in both vape starter kits and larger sub ohm devices. High wattage vaping has a tendency to bring out the sweetness of hazelnuts and the savoury notes of almond; whereas low wattage vaping will emphasise the smoothness of peanuts and the buttery taste of pecans.

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