Peanut Butter Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Peanut butter is a sweet and savoury spread that’s been popular for over a century, various recipes exist that are used to create a fusion of sweet and savoury tastes. In terms of pairings the classic is of course the peanut butter and jam sandwich. It’s no wonder that peanut butter has made its way into vaping, appearing in eliquids as part of rich dessert blends or paired with fruits and ice cream for a sweet tasting blend.

You’ll find versions in both high VG and low VG eliquids, meaning they can be used in sub ohm vape kits and smaller devices. Due to it’s complex and layered flavour, you’ll arguably get the best taste by using a high VG blend. That being said high PG flavours mixed with jam or chocolate create a light and sweet flavour. When using high wattage device you’ll taste the buttery notes far more clearly, whereas switching to a lower wattage tends to bring out the savoury base of peanut butter for a richer taste.

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