Pineapples are a tropical fruit, grown from the plant of the same name. Cultivated in warmer climates they are found across the Phillipines, Costa Rica and Brazil. Their taste is best described as sweet with a sharp edge, with a juicy texture. When eaten ripe they have a floral note, but they can also be preserved in their own juices. Popular around the globe, pineapple is also found in desserts such as the famous pineapple upside down cake and as topping for pastries such as tarts. When it comes to eliquid, this fruit remains popular due to its balance of sweet and sharp notes.

Varieties can be found in both high PG and high VG e liquids – allowing them to be used in a range of vape kits and devices. A number of complementary flavours can be found in blends containing pineapple, these include other tropical fruits such as mangoes and guava; as well as common fruits including strawberry and apple. Those on the lookout for a rich tasting vape should try one of the varieties that pair it with cream, or as part of a layered dessert blend. Due to it’s intense sweetness you may find that pineapple ejuices can burn out your coils faster, if this is the case try switching to a lower PG blend (of which there are many) or simply vaping at a lower wattage.

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