The raspberry is a small berry that can be found growing across the world, from Australia to the Himalayas. They raspberry plant from which the berries gets its name can survive in a number of climates, each of which has an effect on the berry’s colour and taste. Best described as having an overall sweet flavour, there are juicy notes coupled with a tart aftertaste that gives this fruit a balanced body.

When it comes to eliquid, much like the fruit itself, raspberry is available in abundance, this is due to the fact that not only is it a distinct enough flavour to appear on its own, it also pairs well with a number of other fruits, as well as ice cream, menthol and desserts. This popularity also means that versions are available in high VG ratios – best used with sub ohm capable devices; as well high PG versions – good for starter kits and pod devices. If you prefer a smoother vape look for a mix that mutes the sharp notes of the fruit with cream or ice cream. Those after a crisper or zestier taste should try a blend that combines it with menthol or citrus fruits. When vaped at a higher wattage the sharp and tart notes are easily detected, whereas lower wattages put an emphasis on the sweet and juicy notes.

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