Sherbert Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Sherbet is a sweet and fizzy powder whose roots lie in Persia, traditionally the powder was added to water to create a soda drink. Available in a variety of flavours, but preferably citrus fruits such as orange and lime – today sherbet is enjoyed as a confectionary in it’s own right. Often consumed by dipping a lollipop or a stick of liquorice into a packet of sherbet this sweet and sour blend remains popular today.

No surprise then that its made its way into vaping, sherbet eliquids mimic the fizzy and sugary notes of the real thing, varieties of orange and lime sherbet can be found for a classic taste, however daring mixologists have begun to combine it with tropical fruits such as watermelon. If you prefer a smoother blend why not try one of the versions that pairs it with ice cream or pastry. Available in both high VG and high PG blends you’ll find a mix that’s compatible with both large and small vape kits. High wattages will emphasise the sugary notes of sherbet, whereas switching to a lower wattage will help bring out the tart and sour notes more clearly.

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