Spearmint can be found in temperate climates worldwide with varieties cultivated in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Also known as garden mint, it gets its name from the sharp spear shaped leaves it grows. Picked and dried or eaten fresh it has a cool taste and fragrant smell, it is for this reason that it’s often used as a tea. Today it can be found in gums or candies with a mild sweetness and floral taste.

In eliquid you will often find spearmint on its own, the sweet and cool notes make it a favourite with new vapers. For those who prefer a more complex and layered blend there are versions that mix it with ripe summer fruit such as strawberries and melons; the sweet notes also mean it can be paired with other mints. The cooling / mentholated flavor of spearmint means that it can be used to soften citrus flavours creating a smooth finish. Available in both high VG and high PG blends it can be used in a range of devices and kits. When vaped at higher wattages you’ll experience a balanced sweet taste, whereas lower wattages emphasise its smoothness.

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