Vanilla Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

Vanilla is a flavouring that’s derived from orchids of the same name. Reports suggest that it has been cultivated as early as the 14th century on the east coast of Mexico. Beloved for its complex flavour profile, it’s best described as having light sweet notes and an overall floral taste. Used to sweeten food and beverages vanilla can be found in coffee, desserts such as ice cream and alcoholic drinks such as rum.

In eliquid its light taste can be used to enhance stronger flavours including summer fruits like strawberry and blueberry. It most commonly appears mixed with ice cream helping to add a smooth layer to the already creamy notes for a rich taste. For something a bit different, try it mixed with tobacco – vanilla can make up a key part of the classic RY4 blend available in both high PG and high VG blends you’ll be able to experience this distinctive flavour in everything from vape starter kits all the way to larger sub ohm devices. Varying wattages and temperatures will bring out different taste notes of vanilla; a higher wattage emphasises the creamy and sweet notes, whereas switching to a lower wattage will emphasise the light and floral notes.

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