Watermelon Flavour E-Liquids & E-juices

By far one of the most popular flavours in not only the vaping world, but the world of flavour at large; watermelon is a tropical fruit with a distinct and sweet flavour. Used for the likes of sweets along with ice lollies as well as a plethora of beverages over the years, it’s one of those flavours that virtually everyone has tried at some point, even if they’ve never tried actual watermelon!

When it comes to vaping it’s often combined with the likes of menthol/mint or other fruits, particularly strawberry, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular as it goes so well with other popular flavours.

You’ll tend to find it in higher VG liquids and more often than not it’s a flavour that’s very kind on your coils. Inhale and exhale is generally smooth though some people do find some watermelon flavours slightly harsh and sometimes slightly sickly. It’s best to try it for the first time when blended with another flavour such as strawberry as the two work so well together.

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